Is Human Right in Keeping Killer Whales in Prison?

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Is Human Right In Keeping Killer Whales In Prison? In recent years, people start to care about the environment and animals. A lot of laws and actions are applied to improve the habitat which they destroyed so much before and protect the other species all around the world. In some countries, the captive situation of killer whales – the large marine mammal – is one of the most important problems. From the second half of 20th century, theme parks caught orcas from the ocean and keep them to organize entertain shows. In this case, there are so many arguments about orcas’ safe and freedom. Among them, “The Case Against…” and “SeaWorld: The Truth…” are two typical articles. In general, the quantity of contradictions between the two articles is much more than the amount of similar points; especially in the purposes, point of views and the ways they support their own ideas. First, the two articles seem to have the different purposes. The article “SeaWorld: The Truth...” is biased toward the image of theme parks while “The Case Against...” ’s aim is the status of captive killer whales. This dissimilar point can be seen clearest at the introductory of the two articles. “The Case Against...” starts with affirmation that some theme parks should not keep orcas in prisons. “Orcas – intelligent, highly social, amazing,” the author claims, “beings – deserve their freedom.”(“The Case Against, par. 1). On the other hand, in the article “SeaWorld: The Truth...”, the main topic is showed in the second sentence of first paragraph. Moreover, throughout the article “The Case Against...”, the writer just focuses on the harms of captivity to the killer whales; on the contrary, “SeaWorld: The Truth...” talks about the park and people along with the orcas. For examples, SeaWorld is always the first in saving and protecting animals (“SeaWorld: The Truth...”, par. 8) and any member

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