Is Human Evolution a Theory

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Is human evolution a theory? The debate weather humans evolved or were simply created is its current form is fierce one among religious scholars and modern day scientists. Religions scholars believe that God created humans in its current form. They did not evolve from any other organism or from more inferior organism. On the other hand scientist believe that humans evolved over millions of years from less intelligent, inferior ancestor. Because of natural selection, man slowly evolved into more superior specie that adjusted better than his ancestor and hence thrived. At present time there are in fact three such thesis exists: 1. Creation Theory: This is the theory by topologist and religion people. They most quote bible and they latterly believe that humans existed from day 1 in its current form. They also believe that Earth is more or less 5000 years old. 2. Natural Selection: This is the theory by scientist. Charles Darwin was the first person that presented this theory. He called this natural selection. At the time, he did not know how it occurs but he explains it all organs originated from common incest. It was later through DNA and other modern technologies that his theory was reinforced. 3. Theologic Evolution: This is a mixture of Creationist theory and evolution itself. Because of overwhelming evidence of evolution, many creationist now believe, that humans evolved over centuries but in a control way. Basically they believe in evolution but they do not believe in natural selection. They believe God is the one who is controlling how humans and other animals will evolve over time. This is the theory that is likely to get more acceptance. There is also a term used by topologist called intelligent design. These are basically creationist who has argument that, the living organisms are so complex and yet so perfect, they cannot have just formed
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