Is Google Making Us Stupid

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In Nicholas Carr essay, “Is Google Making Us Stupid,” he states that people are losing focus easier than before and instead of reading the material, that they are skimming over it. Most of our time is spent on the internet. We tend to skim over information and move to the next thing, me myself I am guilty of this. Nicholas also makes the statement, “The Human brain is just an outdated computer that needs a faster processor and a bigger hard drive. I feel like he uses this to show how the internet has skimmed our brains. Many companies use the internet to advertise different things and get our attention, of course this is in an attempt to make get money, I say this because if an advertisement pop up and if it is something that you are interested in more than likely you are probably going to click on it for further information and possibly purchase whatever it is you are looking for. On the internet there is so much going on. We can be on Facebook while looking up the latest topic on twitter and also finding what the latest movie is is, in it all at once we are supposed to be typing a paper or simply doing some kind of homework. What interest me the most is the search engines. They have made it so much easier for people to look up random information. For example when you are typing something in on Google or any search engine at that when you type the first few letters in there will be a drop box on the bottom giving you suggestions of what you just might be looking for, or what to choose. It’s like the search engine doing the work and thinking for you all in the same sense. We have become so dependent on the internet and Google that if you think about it for the most people, let’s just be honest we as human cannot live without it. The people that are being affected the most are the younger age groups because some older people are not that familiar with the

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