“Is Google Making Us Stupid?”

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“Is Google Making Us Stupid?” In today’s society we have become lazy individuals. We like everything fast and simple. In the article “Is Google Making us Stupid?” by Nicholas Carr he talked about the pros and cons of Google, but mainly focused on the fact that it is helping us lose our creativity. He begins this article explaining how researching has become increasing easier because of the internet. Research that would normally take days at the library on can be searched within minutes on the computer. Next he talked about how humans now-a-days are losing their lost of concentration. Carr explains how after 2 or 3 pages of writing a paper the writers tend to get bored. This was due to the fact that we have totally lost our ability to read long articles or books. While picking out what article to read for this assignment I was skeptical as to picking this one because of its length, nine pages of reading seemed like a lot to absorb at once. After reading what Carr said I laughed because that is correct. People will tend to not read longer articles because frankly we are just lazy. We just want to skim the article. Carr put in plain words how we are surrounded by ideas that made us just want to skim as we read. For example we have pop-up ads, blogs, headlines, texts and media and all try to get a hold of our attention. We will only give our time to the ones that we find the most interesting. What I found fascinating was when Carr talked about how Google is doing the work for our mind. Today we go to Google for all of our questions. Information about anything and everything is at our finger tips. This article helped me to realize that creativity can still come within. Carr told the story about the man who hand wrote all his work but as soon as he got a type writer the originality of his writing decreased. If I could take anything for this article it would

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