Is Global Warming a Misunderstood Reality or Myth?

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It is mindboggling that there still are some people who do not seemed to be worried. It is possible that they do not realize it because they do not really “understand it”. Global warming is when the earth heats up and the temperature rises. It happens when greenhouse gases like carbon, dioxide, water vapor, nitrous oxide and methane trap heat and light from the sun in the earth’s atmosphere. With too many greenhouse gasses in the air, the earth’s atmosphere traps too much heat and light and eventually the earth get too hot and the temperature rises. This process of collective heat from the sun is called the greenhouse effect. Sometimes the temperature can change in a way that helps us. The greenhouse effect makes the earth appropriate for people to live on it. Without it, the earth would be freezing, or the earth would be extremely hot. It would be extremely freezing at night because the sun would be down. We would not get the sun’s heat and light to make the night a little warmer. Although the greenhouse effect makes the earth livable, if there are too many gasses, plants and animals can die from it. The plants would die because they cannot support the heat. This would cause human beings to have less food to eat, and also limit the food that animals have. It is ultimately because of human activities that greenhouse gases have been proven to be damaging to the planet’s atmosphere. An example of human activity is people cutting down trees. Trees and other plants collect carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is the air that our body lets out when we breathe. With fewer trees in the earth, it is harder for people to breathe because there is too much carbon dioxide in the air. We only breathe in oxygen. It is very hazardous to breath in carbon dioxide. There are major changes in the world today that are needed to prevent the acts of global warming. Sometimes you can see in

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