Is Facebook Good For Society Essay

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Is Myspace Good For Society? Stephen J. Dubner along with Steven D. Levitt asked several Professors from around the globe as to whether social networking has made society better or worse from several perspectives such as from an economical, psychological or sociological standpoint. Every person asked to provide their opinion stated that social networking was a tool which can be used for the better. They all warn of the potential abuse of social networking, making it a tool for stalkers and people who seek your private data for their own benefits. They discuss some of the psychological dangers it could pose, such as creating a society where we no longer have the need to speak in person. As all our communication moves online it can devalue what being a ‘friend’ truly means. Sooner or later social networking can make people no longer feel the need for personal contact. But they do to about the positives of social networking, such as the ability to connect and maintain relationships with our close friends and our acquaintances. Employers are now using networking sites to find potential employers. Most importantly, these sites are allowing younger people to express themselves and find others who share the same interests and opinions. I strongly agree that social networking sites can be a valuable tool to just about anyone if they are used properly. They allow people to rekindle past relationships from years past and to maintain current ones. Parents at the click of a button can send messages to their children in college to check on them. Sites like these also increase communication with each other people as opposed to the days of snail mail and now we can send messages back to each other in mere seconds. It has allowed people with common interests to connect with each other and be able to educate each other for the good of society. Twitter has been used by

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