Is Elena Kagan or Harriet Miers a Better Supreme Court Justice?

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Is Elena Kagan or Harriet Miers A Better Supreme Court Justice? Judicial System/ Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Introduction Selecting which Supreme Court Nominee is more qualified than the other involves many characteristics including a candidate’s legal education, life experiences, and political views. During her Supreme Court Nomination, Elena Kagan was compared to Harriet Miers due to her lack of judicial experience. All of the current nine Justices on the Supreme Court have Ivy League educations and judicial experience, but Elena Kagan and Harriet Miers were recommended for Associate Justice Positions, so do they need judicial experience for these positions? The following report is going to give the facts and statements to let the reader decide who is more qualified to be a Supreme Court Justice. Also, this document will show the unnamed requirements for the Supreme Court by the Congress, Senate, President, and other organizations involved in the nomination process. Is one or the other “More Qualified” to be a member of the Supreme Court? Harriet Miers at 60 years of age was to be the nation's third woman to hold the Supreme Court Associate Justice position in the highest court. She was nominated by George W. Bush in 2005 to replace Sandra Day O'Connor. Ms. Miers received her Bachelor's and Juris Doctorate degrees from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. George W. Bush chose Harriet as his personal lawyer while governor of Texas. Then she served as Assistant to the President and Deputy Chief of Staff when Bush became President, and prior to that she was Assistant to the President and Staff Secretary. Ms. Miers has a long and distinguished professional career including numerous awards such as the Sandra Day O’Connor award in 2005 (Harriet Miers, 2005). Elena Kagan being young at 50 was nominated for the nation's 112th Supreme
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