Is Doing It Perfectly Actually Better? Essay

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Is Doing It Perfectly Actually Better? BY Brittany Lefkoe “Perfectionism doesn’t serve us. It debilitates us.” One day, my body finally gave out on me. It was tired. And so was I. Before that, overachieving was simply part of my personality. It was I who I was and nothing was going to change that. I was in college, taking all the hardest classes, reading every assignment page-for-page, and always getting my homework done on time. I worked three part-time jobs, played sports, kept my apartment clean, cooked, and somehow managed to have a relationship and friends. It wasn’t something I had to think about, it was just something I did. Then, I got sick. I was competing at National Championships for the Triathlon Team at my school and I barely finished the race. After that, going for a ten-minute walk left me sitting at my doorstep in tears from exhaustion. I had been told time and time again that I was working too hard and I needed to take some time for myself. But to be honest, I didn’t even know what that meant. Perfectionism comes in many forms. For some people, it is feeling like failing isn’t an option, not matter what the cost. For others, it is believing that you can and should take on the world entirely by yourself, no matter how hard it gets. Sometimes it is driven by the fear of making a mistake or not being good at something. And often, it is masking one’s fear of being exposed. Being a perfectionist is different from caring about having a professionally-finished product. Perfectionism is a behavior pattern that is caused by negative beliefs such as, “If I make a mistake or fail I will be rejected”, “I’m not good enough”, “What makes me good enough is doing things perfectly”, and “Mistakes and failures are bad”. Working hard to put out something you are proud of is a positive thing. Doing it out of fear isn’t. Many people

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