Is Diversity Defined Only in Color

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Is Diversity Defined Only In Color? In order to potentiate the value of differences it is important to acknowledge, understand and unite the oppositions for a common end goal. Diversity is not only a disconnect between ethnic backgrounds or those of contrasting cultural ideals but exists where ever antonymous persons unite. According to readings in Understanding and Managing Diversity conflict arrases when differences collide, the readings describe conflict as : 1. Conflict exists when two or more parties want the same thing or their wants are incompatible in some way. 2. Conflict must involve emotionality; it is a disturbing emotion within ourselves and may involve feelings of anger and frustration. 3. The higher the stakes, the greater the conflict; one must care to have conflict. 4. Conflict can be internal: within oneself, a group, or between groups. Conflict involves competition of wants and viewpoints. 5. Conflict can be enjoyable. (p.44) In order to make diversity beneficial within the working environment one must be willing to maintain an openness to different ways of thinking, various strategies of problem solving and commit to combining ideas to create the most appropriate steps to resolution. In an attempt to understand how to approach the idea of diversity a team of 16 persons in a high stress, close working environment including 24 hours shifts were asked to give short description of their strengths and weaknesses. "I am clinically strong, yet second guess myself". "As a female I feel the need to over emphasis my physical strengths , sometimes forgetting my weaknesses." "I am caring to a fault, this can be a fault or a strength dependent on the arena” "I am a leader, sometime fail to remember there are time I should follow" "I fear the unknown but excel in the same conditions" "I love taking care of children, not
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