Is D.B. Cooper Alive or Dead

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Bulicia Crimbley ENGL 1102 Dr. McAllister 27 June 2013 The Mystery of D.B. Cooper The most popular question in relation to D.B. Cooper is not “ Who is D.B. Cooper?” But rather “ Where is D.B. Cooper ?” Is that his real name or is he an alias? The mystery is still not solved. D.B. Cooper or is it Dan Cooper, this name was very popular in November of the year 1971. He was the well known notorious hijacker of the Northwest Orient Airlines Flight 305. This particular case has been open for 41 years by the FBI. Despite an FBI investigation that included interviews with almost 100,000 suspects and witnesses, resulting in a case file 60 volumes thick. Not long afterward, the media found out that the FBI was investigating a man named D.B. Cooper in connection with this case. D.B. was cleared of all the charges, but the name stuck, replacing the original “ Dan Cooper.” D.B. Cooper was one of the first subjects, like ghost and trepanation, to catch my attention as an adult. But there is also a darker side to it, even darker than the crime itself. The Cooper theft led to a new world where hijacking is possible. In just a few short years, taking control of airplanes filled with hostages became too regular an occurrence. I don’t think we can pin that trend entirely on Cooper, but his crime did take a lot of trust out of the people, they once had toward air travel. FBI files states on November 24, 1971 shortly after take off from Seattle, Washington, a man in seat 18c of Northwest Orient Airlines handed the flight attendant a note that started one of the most famous causes in FBI history. The man’s name, at least according to his ticket, was Dan Cooper, and the note claimed that he had a bomb. He told the airlines unless his demands were met he would detonate the bomb. Cooper demanded $200,000, four parachutes, and stated, “no funny

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