Is Convenience Worth The Ultimate Price We Pay

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Is convenience worth the ultimate price we pay? In America today, our society has many views on the problems in our country. One very big concern with our society is the food industry. Obesity has become a nationwide epidemic in part because of the unhealthy eating habits our country has developed. We cannot turn on the television without commercial after commercial advertising one type of food or another; most of which is greasy fast food that is full of fat. The primary goal of the food industry is to make money with very little concern for what it is doing to the health of Americans. Recently fast food restaurants have tried to add some things that are healthier to their menus, but if you notice they usually add something very fattening and enticing at or around the same time. Most people when faced with the choice of a bland salad or hot sandwich are going to choose the sandwich. Not only does it taste better it is also more convenient. It is much easier to drive and eat a sandwich than it is to drive and eat a salad. There are many health risks with eating fast food. It may be cheap and convenient now, but in the long run it can lead to horrible ailments, such as diabetes, which can be very costly. An author on “Diabetes” explains much of what can and will cause an individual to contract diabetes. The article says “eating too much carbohydrates, fats, proteins are all harmful to a balanced diet from produce energy for performing vital functions from performing its function of insulin secretion. This leads to diabetes.” Heart disease, a horrible multi branch killer responsible for half of the deaths in the United States, is another diet oriented killer. The Las Angeles learning center online states that “about 2500 people die everyday of cardiovascular disease. Cancer kills only half of many people per year.” What

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