Is Censorship Justified

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Nowadays we live in a society where almost every type of information is in our reach. Not every information is appropriate for children, that’s why I slightly believe that censorship can be justified. Censorship serves as a warning to inform parents of unsuitable content for children. On the other hand censorship restricts the freedom of expression. In this essay I wish to argue my two contradicting views. To further expand my first view on this topic let’s take movies as examples. Movies shown in the world usually don't have content that can be suitable to children. Certain laws have been put in place to censor inappropriate material. For instance, a sexual intercourse scene would definitely be censored in a movie. This type of censorship is beneficial for the children and also individual ls. It inhibits individuals from negatively influencing from these inappropriate contents. In contrast to my example above let’s take the censorship in music as an example. Music censorship has been a controversial subject for a long time. Many individuals believe that the words and phrases in songs are inappropriate; but every individual on this planet should have the ability to state his or her own ideas freely. The argument in music censorship is: are kids affected by inappropriate lyrics? My answer would be no, because even if you change the curse words in a sentence, the main idea would still be the same. There’s no point in censoring lyrics. Singers will convey their ideas this way or another. As a summary we can state that measures are being taken to protect the well being of the population nowadays. These measurements should not be condemned. Instead they should be lauded, and censorship is one of the many examples. On the other hand, I think that censorship should be restricted down to movies and TV programs. In other words censorship shouldn’t be the reason why

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