Is Boredome Important for Kids?

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Fostering Creativity in children is important for today’s kids. Because of growing numbers of kids playing video games, watching television and going to structured play activities such as camps, there is very little free time for children to just play. Research is showing that play is beneficial for kids. The availability to unstructured play can lead to boredom. Many parents have asked if allowing their kids space to be bored is OK. It turns out, that some experts think boredom is the missing link to creativity. According to the blog post “Why Boredom Is Good for Kids” by Emily Geizer, it asserts that boredom is good for kids and that good kids turn to books or art when bored. It also stated that today’s kids are over scheduled and have highly structured activities; all of these things can erode a child’s natural creativity and problem solving skills. In addition, Geizer states that this over structuring results “in kids who are dependent on constant direction. In other words, they have not learned to play by themselves or entertain themselves. They are always seeking entertainment. Our kids have become entertainment junkies.” In addition, academic studies have found that unstructured free play helps foster children’s critical thinking skills and their ability to self-direct. According to Karen Stephens, author of “Imaginitve Play in Childhood: Required for Reaching Full Potential”, children need a lot of unstructured play time in order to become fully achieving adults. According to the article, “children’s self-initiated play nurtures overall development, not just cognitive development (such as learning to name colors, numbers, or shapes)”. The need for children to have space to play and the fact that children learn from this play seems to be an important point in the argument that boredom is good for children, as it is not the boredom that is good for

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