Is Advertising to Blame? Essay

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Advertising p.1 Is Advertising to Blame ? Amee Dickens June 16, 2013 English 101 Advertising p.2 Abstract Children and teenagers in America are bombarded with advertising on a daily basis. They are fiercely targeted by marketing companies at an early age in order to promote brand loyalty for the clients they represent. The advertising campaigns intentionally directed are successful at selling brands, but at what cost? When money is removed from the equation all that is left is a growing number of kids, and even some adults, with poor self-image and horribly debilitating low self-esteem. Advertising p.3 The average young person is exposed to thousands of ads per day via television, internet and magazines. The targeting of this age group occurs because out of the two hundred and fifty billion dollar industry , teenagers account for fifty billion. The adults who account for the other two hundred billion spent are strongly influenced by the younger group.(Pediatrics 2006, p.2563) Researchers have proven that young children are defenseless against the tactics used by advertisers. They are unable to see or understand the strategies used against consumers and tend to take the advertisements at face value. The Federal Trade Commission came to the conclusion that it was unfair to direct ads toward children but never took the steps to legally ban the practice. Unlike America, other countries have put regulations on the amount of advertising that can be directed to children. Ada directed toward anyone under twelve years old are illegal in Sweden and Norway. Toy ads are prohibited from airing until after ten o'clock at night in Greece under the assumption that most of that age group is asleep by then.(Pediatrics 12/2006 p.2564)Although the Children's Television Act of 1990 (PuL L no. 101-437) limits commercials during child viewing times to ten and a half

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