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Is a Positive Role Model Effective Essay

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  • on January 24, 2012
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Is a positive role model effective?
I feel like a positive role model can be effective in most cases. If someone is raised around a positive role model they are more likely to succeed in life and eventually become someone else’s positive role model. If you have a positive role model you always have someone encouraging you to take to care of your business and strive for the best. A positive role model can encourage children to stay in school to gain the skills necessary to succeed. Parents and teachers who stay engaged in a child’s life teach that child the value of an education and that school is a safe place to express one’s self. Role models demonstrate that attending school gives children a group of friends and extracurricular activities, which help children, enjoy school. They motivate a child that dropping out of school is not an option for people who want to become someone, and they can motivate them to improve their understanding of the world by staying in school.
A positive role model can promote healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle. Joining a child in healthy activities teaches them that adults practice what they preach. It also helps them respect adults for making strong decisions. Adults who nag children to be healthy can come off as condescending, and they might be met with rebellion. Taking part in a healthy activity shows a child that the behavior is normal and it is a positive pressure that convinces a child to be healthy.
An effective role model can provide shelter for a child away for negative influences. Good family relationships can protect children from violence and many other risky behaviors. Teaching children that violence and risky behaviors are not acceptable makes a difference in their choices. A good role model can teach a child the effects of alcohol, drugs, and the possible consequences of having sex. Knowing that someone they respect stands up against risky behavior shows them that they should make similar decisions. A positive...

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