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IS 589 Course Project Professor James Marion VoIP Implementation and Quality/Latency Issues Gaines Williams Introduction The term VoIP stands for voice over Internet Protocol. VoIP is related to the terms IP telephony and Internet telephony. At the most basic level, VoIP technologies enable analog telephone communications to be digitally transferred and routed over data networks—this can be done over a wide area network (WAN), a local area network (LAN) or the Internet. These two packets of communications, digitized voice and data, coexist and travel throughout a network. A third packet, video, has become an increasingly important network consideration for organizations because of its large bandwidth requirements. Right now, there are three distinct ways that consumers…show more content…
* Determine the impact on affected switches, network traffic patterns and application performance. Phase 2 * Obtain definitions, traffic pattern information and bandwidth requirements for videoconferencing. Include 20% overhead in bandwidth calculations. * Mark videoconferencing traffic as close to the source as possible on IST subnets. Current best practices recommend IP Precedence 5, PHB AF41, DSCP 34, and CoS 4 for videoconferencing traffic. * Determine the impact on affected switches. * Verify that no noticeable change results in network traffic patterns or application performance. * Configure constituency and aggregation switches for IST subnets to use priority queuing (with a combined total bandwidth of no more than 1/3 the available bandwidth on any link for all priority traffic) for videoconferencing traffic in addition to queuing, policing and shaping configuration applied in Phase

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