Is 4670 Unit 9 Assignment 1 Essay

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Michael E Chaidez Unit 9 Assignment 1 Provide a testimony as an expert witness Cybercrime Forensics Itt- Tech Mr. Despain Aaron J What case documentation do you need for testimony? I am going to write about three documentations that we are going to need for a good testimony? 1. A warrant from a judge is important because without it we have no right to do our job in the suspect property. 2. The name of the suspect is important to have because if we don’t have his name on the warrant then how would the suspect know if it was for him. 3. Details stating what we are allowed to take from the home or facility. If the warrant is not stating what we can get. What professional information do you need when providing testimony? Define at least three of them. The two types of professional information that we need for testimony? can be. 1. Showing that you are a Member of a professional organizations. That way you show them that you like what you are doing. 2. Licenses and Awards. Are important because with this you have proof that you are in good standing and with the community and that you know your stuff. Voir Dire 3. What are the expert testimony guidelines? The expert testimony guidelines would be. 1. Recording date and time of when work was started on the evidence. 2. Hashing the evidence. So we can show that it is the original and no one has messed with

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