Is 17 Years Old Too Young to Get Your “Learner” Driving License?

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In recent years, it would seem that more and more teenagers start to learn driving at the age of 17, but there are a lot of arguments about whether a 17 year old teenager should drive a car. There are many reasons why 17 years old is too young to get your learner driving license. Firstly, teenagers have no good experience. At the age of 17 teenagers’ brains are still growing and at times they will do something without thinking about it. Driving is a serious thing, we can not drive for fun, because it is dangerous and it affects many people’s lives. Most of the teenagers have a phone and they get calls or messages from their friends or someone else. They will take their eyes off the road and possible kill someone. Teenagers are still studying in schools, they have their homework and they have a lot of exams to prepare for. Many do not really have time to practice driving on the road so they do not have really good experience. According to the information, there are more than 1464 people dead because they did not pay attention to driving. There are more than 17% are under 20 years old. ‘This is a very big problem.’ said by someone one from the government. Secondly, A 17 teenager is still a minor and their brain are still developing. At home they have their parents to help and at school they have their teachers to help. However in a car, there is not anyone who can help, and they have to drive themselves. Legally, an 18 years old person is an adult and they can do all the things themselves, but 17 year old is still a minor not an adult, they can not control themselves very easily. A 17 teenager still needs a lot of support and many do not go to work. They still do not have money to pay for a car and their pocket money is from their parents. If a person has a driving license, in their mind they think they should have their own car and they can drive their car

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