Irving Berlin: A Great Figure In Musical Theatre

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In this paper, I will be addressing the impact of a great figure in musical theatre, a man who made significant contributions in the history of musical theatre, the Russian born and Jewish American Irving Berlin. I will address some important phases in his life. I will start by giving an overview of his early life and family. Moreover, I will be talking about his major initial works as a lyricist and composer as well as some of his major early contributions in musical theatre. Then, I will discuss how he was able to establish significant connections with important entrepreneurs until he became a successful entrepreneur himself. I will demonstrate how this positively affected his fame and career in musical theatre. Furthermore, I will give an overview about his unique songwriting methods and music styles. I will also discuss in some detail two of his well-known patriotic songs, “White Christmas” and “God Bless America” that have had a substantial influence on the American culture and the history of musical theatre. Israel Isidore Baline was born on May 11, 1888 in Russia. According to many resources, he was…show more content…
This song was written by Berlin in 1918. After he felt that the lyrics were too war-related, he revised the song in 1938 and made some changes to its message. Berlin changed it from a war song to a peace song. The song then became the unofficial national anthem for Americans. In “God Bless America”, Berlin praises the land of America and expresses his love and admiration for the United States and its people. He wanted to link himself to the American spirit through this song. In 1973, while he was already retired, Berlin sang the song in the White House and won the Medal of Freedom in 1977 from president Gerald Ford. Berlin always cared to stand next to those Americans, whom he considered as a family, during their difficult times and share with them his feelings through those

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