Iroquois Sexuality Essay

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Western and Iroquois Sexuality Over time, society has succumbed to various false realities, relating to the sexual behaviors and tendencies displayed by humans. Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jethá’s Sex at Dawn discusses the various issues regarding human sexuality and its influence on society. As the Americas became colonized, altercations involving cultural assimilation were prominent. The historical evidence shares information about the interactions between the Europeans and Native Americans. It also illuminates how the development of agriculture, private property, and patriarchy have negatively affected the living practices in many societies. The documentation of the Iroquois Indians further supports the idea of communal living and sexuality along with other claims made in Sex at Dawn. The characteristics and lifestyles of the Iroquois tribes show great similarity to that of our Bonobo ancestors described in Sex at Dawn. However, they differed from the modern patriarchal society in almost every way. Iroquois culture embodied a heightened communal ethic, which mirrors the egalitarian tendencies displayed by the Bonobos. In the Iroquois community, status and authority were obtained by being able to redistribute resources as needed. Not only was this system successful in inspiring the members to gain influence and respect, but it also benefitted the community as a whole. It can be argued that many of the Iroquois tendencies were influenced by the physical construct of their shelters, known as longhouses. Although kin groups were separated, the lack of physical space promoted sharing and the Iroquois were not phased by the lack of privacy. The text continues to explain how Iroquois society determined social responsibilities by gender, contributing to a heavy female dominance. Since the men were out fishing, traveling, or at war, women assumed
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