Irony To Progress- Essay

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The Irony of The Progress of Automobile Industry I remember those boiling summer days when the weatherman put on a warning sign of smog all over the city. At the first glance, it seemed like it was fog, and even knowingly, not even a bit of care seemed to strike inside. When a family friend was diagnosed with lung-cancer due to smog, that’s when it all started to matter. Of course, smog is caused by high levels of sulphur dioxide, which can be caused by pollution; and obviously, the automobile industry can be truly blamed for that. As the auto industry develops its empire, it does nothing but harm our environment, our health, and deteriorate our knowledge through the increasing use of technology. The environment can be regarded as our “first home”. Without the environment, life for us humans is not possible, let alone the life of any other species. No matter how much of help the auto industry is, it is-without doubt, helping to destroy our environment. The pollution that is emitted from the products of the industry (cars, trucks, busses etc.), is the one of the leading causes of environment destruction. “The automobile has not merely taken over the street, it has dissolved the living tissue of the city...Gas-filled, noisy and hazardous, our streets have become the most inhumane in the world,” so said by James M. Fitch. Since the streets are mostly used for automobiles, they have become ‘inhumane’ in regards of the pollution the automobiles emit. As much as the automobiles seem to interest and grab the inquisitive minds of humans, they also harm the environment in which all living things live in, and also rely on it for survival. The usage of products from the automobile industry not only hurts the environment, but also the health of humans. Many people become too tempted and used to using cars that the health aspect doesn’t seem to bother them. However,

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