Irony Paragraph Essay

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The opening scenes of Bertolt Bracht’s The Good Woman of Setzuan use irony as a principle comic technique. Irony is the use of words that expresses something opposite from the literal meaning. In dramatic irony, characters do not know about the situations in the play, but the audience does. In The Good Woman of Setzuan, the first irony that appears is that there are three gods that comes to earth to scrutinize the good in human beings. After searching in Setzuan, they become awfully disappointed because the wickedness of human behaviors greatly disgusted them. The irony here is the gods appearing to earth to search for one good human being. It is even more ironic that they don’t find one for a while. Wang, the water seller expects the gods to arrive, and when they did, he tries to prevent the gods to stay at his house. It is ironic because Wang knows about the arrival of gods, but he doesn’t offer the god a place to stay, instead, he pushes the responsibility to someone else. Wang helps the gods to find a good person who can provide shelter, but many refused, only Shen Te, the prostitute, agrees to keep the gods. Having gods to stay is an honor, but in Setzuan, it seems to be a disgrace; therefore, the three gods have a conclusion on the only good human being they found in Setzuan, which is Shen Te. The gods return with 1000 silver pieces, but tells Shen Te not to inform others because the gods think this action could be misinterpreted; it is irony that even gods worry about this kind of small matters. After a few days, Shen Te ironically uses the money to buy an unhealthy tobacco store, and immediately, a family of eight starts to take advantage of her wealth. Fortunately, Shen Te’s cousin, Shui Ta comes and aids Shen Te because she is too nice that she might destroy herself by giving away all her wealth. Shui Ta, in the other hand, is opposite to Shen Te; he tries
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