Irony In Kate Chopin's The Storm

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Kate Chopin’s short story ‘’The Storm’’ narrated the story of a women’s lies and a man lust for her being during the passing of a storm . The main characters, Calixta (the wife) and Alcée (ex lover) have committed adultery and getting away unnoticed by their spouse. From the situation Chopin implies the theme of “The Storm” as to lie and cheat is just a natural part of life. In the beginning of “The Storm,” Bobinôt and his son Bibi is taking cover from the storm in a nearby store and to wait for the storm the died down. A great lies is about to happened as the storm about to come and “it shook […] ripping great furrows in the distant field” (159). Calixta (Bobinôt’s wife) suspects what is to come and “stood at the window with a greatly disturbed look on her face” (160). What is to come is a secret that must be kept. As the couple were distant apart, the “rain was coming down in sheets obscuring the view of far-off cabins and enveloping the distant wood in gray mist” (160). Implied that the truth is about to be covered up. Not only that, it will seize to…show more content…
Any act of deceiving is considered a sin and will be punished. Calixta didn’t feel any remorse but felt liberated in “the rain was over; and the sun was turning the glistening green world into a place of gems.” It gives the reader the idea that she didn’t consider it a sin but instead a natural part of life and one shouldn’t feel guilty of such doing. Alcée further on comfort Calixta by saying ‘“don’t be frightened. Nothing can happen. The house is low to be struck (struck as if Bobinôt finds out his wife in bed with another man), with so many tall trees (refers to Alcée) standing about”’ (160). So one might assume that Alcée sees himself as an alternative shelter if Calixta was to be banish from her husband. Also, if Bobinôt would of suspect anything between them then Alcée will be there to defend her from their lies in which they deem

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