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Irony in Animal Farm Essay

  • Submitted by: tuucediz
  • on February 27, 2009
  • Category: History
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Ironic Events   in Animal Farm  

In my opinian, animal farm is a classical portrayal of how one can abuse his power and use society for his own sake. Animal Farm is an ironic novel. In my essay I will try to show you ironic event in that novel and how communism is satirized.

The novel starts with the dream of the old major.After telling his dream he dies and now someone should change the things in manor farm. Suddenly all animals rebel their situation and a new period start for animal. After this we see the contest between Napoleon and snowball.   Both of them try to become the head of animal farm that’s why their contest start. They abuse animals in that way.First of all animalism is something new for that poor animals.They lived in very harsh conditions and they belive things is gonna change in the farm.Both Napoleon and snowball know that these animals are fool and they seek for the ways how they can use them especially Napoleon.Actually this reality is valid sor all the pigs in farm.They know that ıf they like they can command that poor animals as they wish.Yet Napoleon and snowball is different from other pigs because they are the head so one of them should be the leader no one of them gives up. why on earth they give up instead of commanding and keeping their life as they wish. This is the best and easiest way of a comfortable life.For a time they both try in being leador.snowball does things to educate other animals.He is not a hundred percent successsfull bu in way he tries to change the things in animals and again in the bottle of cowshed we see the snowball trying to prepare animals for war. In the war napoleon didn’t actually fight in the war but   finally Napoleon wins by devastating snowball’s plans and persuading the animals that   snowball is Jonh’s agent and our fool animals believe without questioning.anything as usual. In fact, here we see the manipulation of language by using the effective language Squelor make hem believe that snowball...

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