Iron Triangle Essay

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Given health care’s “iron triangle” – access, quality, cost – what do you consider to be the most relevant and significant issues that need to be addressed? “The Iron Triangle” symbolizes the three essential aspects of health care system that are: quality, access and cost. The fundamental challenge facing by the country is to deliver health care by balancing the three aspects (that is the iron part). Since all the three aspects are interdependent, increasing the performance of the health care system along any of these dimensions can compromise the one or both of the other dimensions regardless of the amount that is spent on health care. Even though the three vertices of the triangle are mutually dependent, the most significant issue from my opinion is the high and growing cost of health care for people, business and government. Health expenditures in the US neared $ 2.6 trillion in 2010, over ten times the $256 billion spent in 1980 (National health statistics group, 2012). Over the past two years the trends of increasing the cost have been rising. The factors which lead to the high health care cost are: 1. The rate of growth is increasing than the national income. 2. The nation has been in a recession for the last two decades leads to unemployment and low income in the community. 3. Employer’s aggressively shifting higher health cost to workers. For example, by increasing the family and employee insurance premium. 4. Providers have stepped up to speciality services. 5. Spending on prescription drugs and new technologies. For example, use of robots in an operating room by surgeons. 6. Increase in chronic diseases: According to Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, the health care cost for chronic disease treatment account for 75% of the national health care expenditures (2011). For example: Obesity which leads to heart diseases and diabetes that
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