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Iron Man Suit Iron man’s suit is made of an advanced titanium alloy, reinforced with silicon infused steel. Therefore, it is very hard, as it is not scratched or dented very easily, only when he is tussling with super human enemies, which his suited becomes easily scratched and dented. However, they apply a great deal of force to do this – as they are super human, so therefore can do so. Thus, his suit is very hard, as it hard to apply scratches or dents to. Also, his suit is very tough, as the suit can absorb a vast amount of energy without breaking. For example, this variant (Mk 42 from Iron Man 3), can resist extreme heat, gamma radiation and electrical surges, which are all large amounts of energy, so therefore can resist a lot of energy. This because in the film, he uses properties from previous generations he made, that were specialised, e.g. the suit takes the resistance of extreme heat from one of the previous ones that he created between The Avengers and Iron Man 3. Therefore this suit is tougher than his previous creations from preluding films, because this suit uses properties from his previously specialized suits, in the Mk 42, shown in the picture. His suit is not brittle, as when it does plastically deform, however, his suit is never actually broken, so if it is brittle debateable. However, because it will eventually become dented, from intense force as it is hard, so therefore plastically deforms. This also proves that it doesn’t elastically deform, as it does hold its shape when a compressive force is removed, as the dent doesn’t just pop back to what it was before. Therefore, it plastically deforms, instead of elastically deforming. His suit is made of alloyed titanium plates, so therefore it must be malleable, as the plates must have been hammered into sheets, and shaped to make the Iron Man suit. However, many plates are used, to allow

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