Iron Jawed Angels

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John Jessee Professor Lehman American History II Iron Jawed Angles Iron Jawed Angels is a movie about women’s suffrage which follows the life of a couple individuals. One in particular is Alice Paul. She begins in England working on a project there for a women’s suffrage movement and comes back to the United States. They are part of a group called the National American Women Suffrage Association or NAWSA. The mission of the NAWSA was to fight for women’s rights and to also gain respect for all women in the United States. Alice Paul along with her friend Lucy Burns began to think of many ideas to help the suffrage movement but the NAWSA thought that their ideas were to extreme and would only cause problems for women in America. So Alice Paul and Lucy Burns started their own organization called the National Women’s Party or NWP. Which held the same concepts that the NAWSA but with a more radical or extreme approach. The NAWSA started criticizing the NWP for their methods and for protesting a president during the war. The way they got their nickname “iron jawed angles” was because of their methods of protest where they would stand outside the white house with their protest signs and not say a word. Eventually the law was brought into it and they would be arrested and sent to a labor house where they would work off their sentence. Also they got this nickname because when they were in these work houses they refused to eat causing a huge epidemic and causing them to force feed them with tubes. I thought that it was a cool scene when Alice Paul would not eat and even when they tried to force feed her they had to basically pry her jaw open and I thought that showed much determination that I don’t think the NAWSA would have done and I believe that may have played a role in getting the 19th amendment passed. At the end of the movie they had found out what happened to
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