Iron in Our Lives Lab Report

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Iron in our lives Purpose: To test the presence of iron in our cereal. Problem statement: How can we pick out the iron we eat in our everyday cereals? Hypothesis: If I crush a cup cereal with high amount of iron and then stir it with a magnet then the magnet will collect the iron in the cereal. Background: The human body requires iron for many functions. Most importantly, iron is used in the production of hemoglobin molecules in red blood cells. It is the iron in the hemoglobin that attracts oxygen molecules, allowing the blood cells to carry oxygen to body cells. Red blood cells are constantly being replaced. Therefore, there is a constant need for a new supply of iron in the diet. That is why iron is often mentioned as a healthful addition to certain foods and vitamin pills. The iron in the cereal is pure iron! Really! It’s the same iron found in nails and automobiles. It is mixed in the cereal batter along with many other additives. The very tiny particles of iron quickly react with hydrochloric acid and other chemicals in the digestive tract, changing to a form easily absorbed by the body. Safety: Don’t pound the cereal. Don’t horseplay in the lap. If you spill water clean it up immediately. Material: * Cups * Total cereal * Magnet * Water * Mini magnifier glass * Piece of napkin * Computer * Printer Procedures: 1. Examine a flake of the cereal & see if you can detect the iron. 2. Place a few flakes on the table and attempt to move them with the magnet. 3. Get a handful of cereal and put it in the cup. 4. Crush the cereal with the magnet until a fine grain. 5. Pour 100mL of water into the cup full of cereal. 6. Wait a few minutes 7. Stir the magnet in the cup 8. Collect the iron and place it on the napkin. Observation: Error analysis: Adding to much water. Not crushing the

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