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Iron Chefs The Heart Attack roll, a crab meat with spicy tuna and jalapenos all deep fried, is one of my favorite sushi dishes. This delectable roll is only found in one place. That place is Iron Chefs in Mesquite Texas. Dining at Iron Chefs is a complete experience with a great atmosphere, delicious food, and a captivating show. Walking into Iron Chefs, the waiting area is cozy with a couch that I always feel comfortable sitting on while waiting for the host/hostess to greet me. The hostess is usually quick to greet and seat me. The sushi chefs sometimes say a Japanese greeting while I’m being seated. The regular seating area and sushi bar is quiet and serene. I choose to sit in the hibachi area because I find it to be exhilarating and fast paced. With twelve hibachi tables there is never a long wait to be seated. The hibachi table accommodates for small and large parties, up to eight at one table. The seating allows for conversation with fellow hibachi lovers. Looking around the restaurant reveals a very carefully thought out and arranged decor to bring the guests into the Far East. Dim lighting in the Hibachi area focuses the attention on the grill and the Hibachi Chef, with little to distract in this area of the restaurant. There are TVs in the other areas including the bar for the guests to have plenty to be entertained with during dinner. The bar area itself is very inviting with a large rounded bar, completed with beer on tap and an array of TVs to compliment the beverages. All chefs and servers are wearing traditionally styled Japanese garments clothing to complete the look and atmosphere. The service at Iron Chefs is very friendly. After being seated our server arrives almost as soon as the hostess leaves. Then there is the hibachi chef who comes out to cook once our orders have been taken by the server. Unlike regular restaurants where the food is

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