Irobot Opportunity And Threat

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Opportunity One of the opportunities for iRobot is the new software development for robots. iRobot’s robots usually perform the tasks which are dangerous for people. These robots can go into remote region such as disaster area and then they will collect informative data for the user. To develop such software, researcher groups are exploring into the interaction between robot’s command and control with human and the direct interaction with robots through gesture and speech. To integrate complex robot software, these software engineers could study how the information is being presented to the user and how the data from one unmanned system is delivered into the situational awareness of the overall mission. iRobot can always looking for the new ways that future robot can work. This is to make the future robots to have more capabilities as well as more adaptable to the software platform. iRobot’s products could probably be achieved at little cost by creating a durable, reliable, and affordable price. In the meantime, these robots could also reduce people risks and facilitate the rescue work and help to save more lives. iRobot is looking good for the practical robots in the future healthcare market. A group of researchers are exploring the potential of robots as an assistive technology to improve wellness and enhance quality of life for elderly. Robots could allow caregivers to supervise patients who are away from them. Robots may be helpful in many circumstances, including household chores and the on-time administration of medication. For example, robot could remind patients to take medicine on time, lift simple objects, and transport heavy items. This could definitely lower the cost for care. Loofbourrow joins iRobot with more than 25 years of senior leadership experience in the high-technology sector. “I joined iRobot because I believe that the business has the
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