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How and why Irish nationalists strive to establish continuity with a suitable historic past? Discuss with examples from before and after independence (1922) Inventing tradition as described by Eric Hobsbawn is a set of practices governed by overtly or tacitly accepted rules and of a ritual of symbolic nature which seek to inculcate certain values and normal of behaviour by repetition which implies continuity with the past. – Hobsbawn 5.1 P176 tradition and dissent. The British conquest of Ireland began in 1169, by 1603 the whd of Ireland was under British rule. It was the belief of the Irish nationalists that Ireland should rule itself. After many years the Irish nationalists won independence in 1922. Reviving and inventing tradition was important for the Irish nationalists before and after gaining the independence. They were united in the goal to establish the country’s rich and ancient culture. Thomas Paris was an Irish nationalist who lived from 1814 – 1845. He gave and dedicated most his life to Irish nationalists. Also him and other young Irish nationalists promoted, encouraged and preserved Irish folk culture. An important part of Ireland’s culture is the Architecture. The architecture of Ireland is one of the most visible features in the Irish countryside with remains from all eras since the stone age. Ireland is famous for it’s intact ruins, Irish castles, cathedrals, buildings and many more. If we take a look at the way the country was rebuilt after the civil war. Many British buildings were left alone and they simply to deteriorate overtime. The idea of respect specifically for Irish buildings was reflected in the restoration of the general post office in Dublin. The general post office was the head quarters of the Irish postal services, Dublin O’Connell street and also was one of three of Dublin’s landmark. The building hoisting the flag of the

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