Ireland History Essay

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Introduction: I chose the abortion amendment because as well as being a health issue, abortion has become a class issue only available to women who can afford it, despite paying the same taxes compared to other European countries. I think it’s a very important issue in this era, and that the government’s laws are not as clear and understandable for people to understand so i wanted to explore them to myself and to develop an understanding of it with this essay, and to get a deep understanding of this law and its amendments. I will also give a brief explanation on the establishment of the Irish state and the purpose of the Irish 1937 constitution of Ireland, 1916 rising and civil war. Establishment of Irish Republic and Constitution: 1916 Rising The Easter rising 1916 was a rebellion stage in Ireland in Easter week, 1961.The rising was an attempt by Irish republicans to win independence from Britain. It was the most significant uprising in Ireland since the rebellion of 1798.Organised by the Irish republic Brotherhood; the rising lasted from Monday 24th April to 30th April. The Rebels included members of the Irish volunteers, led by schoolteachers and barrister Patrick Pearse. The Irish republican brotherhoods were joined by James Connolly and the smaller Irish citizen Army. Along with 200 members of Cumann na mBan they hoped to establish an Irish Republic free from British rule. Pears was the one to read the proclamation of the Republic outside the GPO.The leaders of the rebellion were forced to accept the only terms being offered by British-unconditional surrender. Pears surrendered to the British forcies. In total, the Rising cost 450 persons killed 2614 injured .Patrick Pears was the first to be singled out and executed on 3ed May 1916. Along with four others Eamon de valera and Roger Casement. The execution of these men was on attempt to murder the
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