Iraq Vs Vietnam Essay

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There are major differences between Iraq and Vietnam. Mainly the treatment of troops and the support from family, friends, and the nation back home. Although most can say that there is a similarity in the indirect purpose and clarity of the mission. Vietnam was the first war to be publicized and a common display on American televisions in their homes. Most Americans, prior to Vietnam, were supportive and proud to be American and an American soldiers but with the displays of burning children being publicized and Americans troops participation in some of the scenes on their screens many people shied away and the support quickly dwindled away into anger, frustration, and a clear disgust to the government and many of the troops involved felt that backlash once they returned to American soil. The treatment of any Veteran should be fair and equal. Their duty is to serve and protect and should be treated correctly and we should be grateful to all of our Veterans. We should ensure that once they have given and dedicated their lives, limbs, and time that they have a place to come home to and that they should have support regardless of the mission. They are governed by superiors and they are fulfilling their job positions by being deployed and although they are not privileged to all knowledge of the mission they shouldn’t be mistreated and receive less support by the people they are helping to protect. Research shows that there aren’t many veterans who have served in Vietnam and Iraq but there is a small percentage in the reserves who have served in both, prior to the retirement age of 60, who are still active duty. Like Chief Warrant Officer DeWayne Browning and Randy Weatherhead who states, “They say they are more optimistic this time: They see a clearer mission than in Vietnam, a more supportive public back home and an Iraqi population that seems to be growing

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