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Afghanistan has a long history with the United States, but reached its peak in September 11, 2001 when the world trade center was taken down. Fifteen out of 19 people involved were from Saudi Arabia, but America had intelligence that led them to believe Usama Bin Laden was responsible and he existed in in Afghanistan, so the Government was told to give him to the American Government for prosecution. The Taliban leader who ran the Afghanistan Government was Usama Bin Laden’s son-in-law and refused to give Usama Bin Laden to America, so America declared war on Afghanistan. This declaration of war was under the guise the Government supported terrorist actions against America, they wouldn’t release Usama Bin Laden and America was under constant threat if the country ran with the Taliban government in power. On October 7, 2001 America with Britain’s assistance began bombing Afghanistan in what became known as Operation Enduring Freedom. This assault was around the clock and shortly afterwards America gained control of the country. America replaced the Muslim led Taliban (student) regime with a Pashtun Tribal leader Hamid Karzai, Pashtun is the official language in Afghanistan. After placing Hamid Karzai in power and he became the official leader of Afghanistan, America provided him with military assistance for a decade. This military aid has allowed Hamid Karzar to remain in power and repeatedly over the insurgency attacks of the Taliban. America has been committed to making sure the Taliban do not gain control of the country. The United States has been so committed to provide military aid from 2005-2013 they have spent over 52 billion dollars funding Afghan security forces. They have trained the Afghan soldiers well. The Afghan soldiers are train so good, that the Afghan soldiers have gone against U.S. advisers in their strategy plans and employed tactics they felt was

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