Iranian History Essay

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Rishi Patel NELC-N 350 Writing Assignment #1 At this point my knowledge of Iran does not extend very far besides what the general population hears from the news. To state the obvious, I do know the geographic location of Iran as it is in the Middle East, the second largest nation in the area. Also, Iran is mostly covered with deserts having very little to no green grass covering its ground. As far as religions go, I know from what we discussed in class that Iran is home to a variety of different religions such as Islam, Christianity, Judaism, etc. Iran is similar to my homeland of Indian in they both have a large spectrum of different languages spoken in their lands. Iran is a republic and that is easily identified by its official title, Islamic Republic of Iran. Being an economics major I have some knowledge of their status in this field. Iran has a relatively low public debt and their government budget is in the surplus due to their revenue in distributing oil. Also, I have learned that corruption is a problem in all sectors of their government. They have very limited intellectual property rights that hinder the people of Iran. The sport of polo was originated in Iran that gives the country a very distinct characteristic. Iran is home to people of a wide variety of ethnic groups, the largest of these groups being Persians. Through several history classes I have learned of Iran’s history during the times of the First Persian Empire. At a point the Persian Empire stretched throughout Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Syria, Jordan, Israel, Palestine, and Lebanon. The famous wars between the Greek people and those of the Persian Empire took place around this time. At this point, King Xerxes I was the ruler/leader of the Persians. The Battle of Thermopylae, made famous due to the 300 movie, ended in the result of a Persian victory granting them the land of Boeotia. While

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