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Iran Contra Iran Contra Scandal Cyrus Massoumi Introductory Paragraph / Thesis Proposal Over the course of 1986 and 1987 the first details of the Iran-Contra Scandal were being revealed, the Raegan Administration was responsible for selling arms to Iran during the period in which it was at war with Iraq and for using the profits of this sale to slush money to theAnti-Sandanista Contra's who wished to overthrow the Nicaraguan government. To provide weapons to these rebels clearly violated the strict terms of the Boland Amendment, however the Raegan Administration felt that they would benefit from the Contra's rising to power, so they sold arms to Iran a country which already had a strained relationship with the United States. The irony behind this is that Iran was at war with Iraq, Iraq was being supplied by many Western European nations and Canada to produce biochemical weapons, countries which were Allied with the United States, the West was essentially arming the Eurasians (Arabs) to kill one another. To add to this "scandal" the president originally rejected the notion that this was anything more than hostage exchange, several months later he confessed and took full responsibility stating that there may have been a one time shipment to the contras, details on this scandal still remain secretive as Oliver North shredded the vast majority of his paperwork associated with the Nicaraguan / Iranian operations. The Raegan administration had several possibly routes which it could have taken to finance the Contra's or to even alter the Boland Amendment to better accomodate the situation, this mainly revolves around what was "publicly" the Iran-Contra scandal and what was "privately" the real motives which drove this foreign policy decision by the administration. There is one

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