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The Eighties The Iran/Contra Affair The Iran/Contra affair was one of the most controversial scandals during President Ronald Reagan time in office. In the book Ronald Reagan by Peter Wallison, argues that President Regan knew little about the details concerning the events that came to be known as the Iran/Contra Affair. While in the book Sleepwalking Through History by Haynes Johnson, argues that Reagan knew what was going on during the affair. Wallison would argue that Reagan knew little about the details of the affair, saying that Reagan didn’t supervise his national security staff and left many decisions to John Poindexter and Oliver North and that it was their fault for not reporting to Congress. Wallison also says that when McFarlane visited Reagan in the hospital to talk about the Iran/Contra affair, McFarlane never prepared a written aide-memorie of the President’s decision to open dialogue with Iran or about a decision to permit arms sales and the result of the president’s policy. On the other hand Johnson would argue that Ronald Reagan knew what was going on and that the use of Reagans “management style” was more used to cover him from knowing much details about the affair. Wallison argued that Ronald Reagan knew little about the details concerning the Iran/Contra Affair. Wallision argues that it was John Poindexter, the President’s national security adviser, and Oliver North, a member of the National Security council staff that knew about the details and failed to tell Reagan the whole story and failed to report to Congress. The white house wanted Reagan to tell the American people that he made a mistake by not strictly supervising his national security staff. Reagan would stick to his management style and he to know these details would have violated a management principle and style of governing that he considered central to his success. Regan was a

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