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Should The U.S Continue To Impose Sanctions On Iran If Iran Refuses To Allow Inspections Of Its Nuclear Facilities ? The U.S should not continue to Impose sanctions on Iran if Iran refuses to allow inspections of its nuclear facilities. For example base on Amanpour," Iran's economy has been hit hard by the U.S and European oil and financial sanctions over its nuclear activities." The economy of Iran is being hit hard financially , and is making a great effect on Iranian people. Public and private investors cannot attract credit , most Iranians cannot get personal credit cards, and food prices have rise up. It also shows if Iran doesn't comply, the sanctions will be more severe. However according to Amanpour," Iran will not allow U.N inspectors to visit a military base suspected in the involvement in nuclear weapons." The leaders of Iran doesn't want the U.N inspectors to visit any nuclear power plant, because I believe that they are hiding something that they don't want to show. Several times the president of Iran have said that he wants to erase Israel from the map, because he believes that Israel is like a malevolent cancer on earth that needs to eviscerate . The U.N inspectors wants to visit the Iranian power plants to make sure, Iranian government are not producing any nuclear missile, because it could come reality the words of the president of Iran. Further relating to Amanpour, " Iranians say they are feeling the pinch of sanctions in the price of meat and other daily essentials, but in spike of growing popular toward the government, analysis, believe little will change." Sanctions will not make a huge change for stopping the president of Iran of creating the nuclear missile against Israel. U.S should support Israel for stopping the Iranian government of producing a nuclear missile before is to late, because a nation is at risk of a

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