Ipods Muggings Essay

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iPod Muggings Continue to Worsen You are walking down a dimly lit street, jamming to your favorite Britney Spears song when suddenly you feel a knife prodding your back and a strong hand on your shoulder. “Gimme your iPod!” the assaulter shouts. More and more muggings have been happening in the last two years – we need to be more cautious and alert. There is hardly a week that goes by where someone doesn’t get mugged for his or her iPod. Each month, many reports are filed about someone getting threatened for their iPod - some even in broad daylight. People need to start realizing that mugging is very real and that it can happen to anyone. Nowadays, iPods are all the rage for people of all ages. Apple is coming up with newer, better, and more multi-functional devices that make them ideal for everyone to have. Whether it’s the typical teenager playing games while waiting on the subway or the classical adult who can’t live without Beethoven, everyone seems to need one. “[iPods are] very trendy, very marketable. If kids don’t have [an iPod] they want one. And it comes up from time to time where they’re being stolen.,” Reports Toronto police Detective Chris Chilvers. “There were even incidents where “people from the ages of 18 to 48 were pummeled with a steel object alleged to be a meat tenderizer, causing serious injuries to the head and face.” Fortunately this doesn’t happen too often but it shows us that there’s no telling how far some people will go to get their hands on one. The fact that our country is going through a recession doesn’t help either. Since we are facing such an economic crisis, stealing valuable belongings seem to be the plan of action for those who can’t afford it. Statistics have shown that the majority of people that get mugged are teens our age. This does make sense since its teens that are more susceptible and more likely to

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