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The controls are pretty much laid out, i.e. after half to one hour [depends on you!!] you can get the damn gadget to at least be at your whim. It does have pretty neat features though, like YouTube directly on the home page [home page, because the one button that it does have is called the home button, hence home page] as well as a cool [but not for advanced uses] calculator, which is bundled with the machine. It has a browser called Safari by Apple Inc. which has neat features, the on screen keyboard as well as the bundled search engine integration [imagine FireFox]. The one drawback is the whole Flash/GIF format still unsupported issue, but for that Apple Inc. promises to implement it in the later firmware updates. Now on to the new landscape mode, it allows for the screen to shift position, depending on how you hold it, this one is really cool for horizontal browsing as well as picture scaling etc. The Landscape mode turns into the Album Cover Flow view [the same is present in iTunes as well] to let you choose the album from its cover, as well as the song etc. In this matter the Pinch feature doesn't lack either, basically to activate this function you must have at least two fingers on the screen. Now if you move them farther apart the screen negatively zooms, but if you bring them closer, the screen zooms in for a more accurate view. This feature is implemented in Safari and Photos. The connectivity for the iPod Touch is through WiFi networks, so make sure you have an access point or WiFi enabled hot-spot nearby to entirely experience the iPod Touch. All in all I'd give it a 9/10 for all things considered it having so many features and being just a tad longer than the iPod

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