Iphone vs. Android

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There are many different smart phones on the market today. The two biggest competitors are iPhone and Android. While these two choices have many attributes in common, they are very different devices. Though both phones play music they use very different programming. Androids can import music from your computer no matter what program you're using, while iPhones require iTunes. Also all music on your Android device belongs to you, whereas music bought on iTunes is on loan from Apple. Another thing that both are capable of is downloading applications, “apps” for short, for almost everything. The difference here is that the Android Market has many more free apps than the iTunes Store. One example of this is the game Angry Birds. On iTunes, you could end up paying several dollars for the different versions, while on the Android Market, they are all free. Both platforms also have security measures. The iPhone has two options to unlock the phone. One is a 4-digit PIN, the other is an alphanumeric password. The Android platform, however, has four different measures. You may use “face-unlock”, pattern, PIN or password. Face-unlock is, as it sounds, facial recognition. Pattern involves a three-point by three-point grid in which you may in put a pattern of your choosing without going over the same point twice. The pin on an Android phone must be at least four digits, but it is not limited to four. The password is a four digit minimum, alphabetic/numeric combination. The ability to use widgets is something the Android offers that iPhones do not. A widget allows access to application functions through homescreen icons. A widget is a mini app that displays only a small amount of information, like a clock or the weather. What they offer is a certain amount of customization. With the widgets you can choose what kind of clock you want, how your weather is displayed, if at

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