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[pic] IPHONE 3G/ 3GS MARKETING PLAN By Mehrdad Homayunfard 41481402 TABLE OF CONTENTS: Contents Executive Summary: 1 Situation Assessment and Analysis: 2 The competitors 2 The Market 3 Trends: 3 Main product offering and issues faced: 3 Macroenvironment: 4 MARKET SUMMARY: 4 Demographics 4 Market Needs & Trends: 6 Market Growth: 6 Competition: 6 SWOT ANALYSIS 7 Product Offering 7 Keys to Success: 7 Critical Issues: 7 MARKETING STRATEGY: 8 Mission: 8 Marketing Objectives: 8 Financial Objectives: 8 Target Markets: 9 Positioning: 9 Strategies: 9 Marketing Mix: 11 Pricing: 11 Distribtuion: 11 Advertising: 11 Product: 11 Market Research: 12 FINANCIALS: 12 SALES FORECAST: 12 Break Even Analysis: 12 EXPENSES FORECAST: 13 CONTROLS: 13 Marketing Organisation 14 Contingency Planning: 14 Appendix: 14 1.0 Executive Summary: The Apple Iphone is an all in one quad band, internet and multimedia enabled Smartphone using a multi touch virtual keyboard that integrates the functions of the Ipod touch with many of the functions of a Smartphone and PDA, ie emailing and file hosting/sharing capabilities. This integration of these products from somewhat different demographic markets allows Apple to target a large market and have a large pool of customers. Apple currently as of 2009 have grown their world wide market share of smartphone to 14% and are now 8th in terms of rank of mobile handset market share. This shows a growth since 2007 of 245%.( ABI market researchhttp://www.pcadvisor.co.uk/news/index.cfm?newsid=110260)and According to Piper Jaffrey and Katie Marsal based on survey of 500 students at 11 US colleges claim that recent surveys have shown 74% of students would purchase a phone that plays

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