Iphone Case Essay

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Product Identified: Apple Iphone/Ipod protecting case that changes colour when rubbing the back of the case. It is a stylish case yet sturdy at the same time. Consumer Identified: The target market for my product is children, teens and young adults. It is for people who want colourful and fun protecting cases for their Iphones and Ipods. There is a very broad demographic, ethnicity and psychographic for my product because the wide verity of colours it comes in. More masculine and feminine colours create many different options. All demographics that own Iphones and Ipod’s are all potential buyers. Competition Identified: The direct competition would be different case makers such as otter box. The indirect competition would be Android and Blackberry. Depending on how many people own them as oppose to how many people own Iphones and Ipods. This would result in less cases being sold. The current completion would be 3rd party case makers and additional apple case makers. Potential completion would be if new smart phones come out into the market. It would be future competition. Research Conducted: The statement for my product is stylish and sturdy. The majority of teens that I asked in my school liked the product and said they would buy it for a reasonable price. The price I put the case at is $20 and $15 for the Ipod case. My product will be available in mall kiosks, service provider stores, BestBuy, Future Shop and apple stores. Product Feature: The form of my product is colourful changing phone case. Rub the back and create a warm feel and the case will slowly change into a different colour. Stylish and still able to protect without any ugly heavy duty case. It will cost $8 to make the case. The case is made out of acrylic jell like rubber plastic that has a special mechanism to change colour when heated by rubbing the

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