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How do you plan to use the iPads in your classroom? In my fourth grade classroom I plan to develop a plan to improve my classroom instruction and increase student learning and engagement through technological innovation. I currently use technology in my classroom in an effort for students to demonstrate independent learning and technological exploration. Not only will this help the students meet instructional goals, but also help to further the technology adoption district-wide. I will share my experiences, knowledge, and concrete data with the school board, staff, and community members. This project will initiate an in-depth study of of student learning in relation to technology in order to provide research and feedback for future initiatives within the Clare Public Schools district. What are you objectives/ goals with the technology? My goals and objectives are to improve the implementation of technology in the school and in the district and create various disciplines in which mobile technology can be tested, evaluated, and implemented. To have students engaged in classroom instruction 100% of the day as demonstrated by increased student achievement. I will not have specific "iPad time" in my class, rather it will be a fully integrated program in which the iPads are used to enrich and guide instruction across the curriculum. Give examples of how you would use the iPad for individual students, small groups, and whole class. Individual students will be using their iPads consistently throughout the day. They will be used across the curriculum with students blogging, interacting on our class wiki, and creating multimedia projects. In small group instruction, specifically Tier 2 instruction, the iPads will be used to differentiate instruction. During small group instruction I will using Apps that compliment our units of study. Some students

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