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Related Literature ArticlesandCaseStudiesofAirPurifierProducts Articles and Case Studies of Air Purifier Products We have continued to collect articles from our customer's experiences with air purifiers over the years. While all of the names and places have been changed the situations and air purifiers are accurate. While the term "Air Cleaners" is used in many ways, including the filter that protects your car's engine, we are using it here to mean portable devices that clean the air in your home. Most of these air cleaners are room specific because they can only clean the air that passes though the air cleaner (simple isn't it?). This means that air purifiers must be sized based on the amount of air they push though their filter system. In the air cleaner world this is measured in Cubic Feet (of air) per Minute or CFM. The larger the CFM the more air the air purifier is moving per minute and therefore the larger the room that can be handled. Some of the air purifier manufacturers use a CADR measurement to determine recommended room size. These are believable. Other makers of air cleaners have invented their own recommendations. While we publish these recommendations we think that you should really look at the CFM to pick the proper sized unit. There is one more trick the air purifier manufacturers use when quoting specifications. They quote the CFM rating of their fan rather than that of the air purifier as a system. The fan CFM would only be accurate if the filter system offered zero resistance. With all that said please call us to get personal service in determining which air purifier will best help you and your family. http://www.airpurifiers.com/purifier/ Information on the Ionic Air Purifier By William Norman Allergy sufferers may benefit from the careful use of an ionic air purifier. While these devices cannot kill germs or remove odors, they

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