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Ip Addresses, Classes and Special-Use Ip Address Space Essay

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IP Addresses, Classes and Special-Use IP Address Space

In IP addressing address are split up into various classes; class A, class B and class C. This class system was developed as the original internet routing scheme in the 1970s. this system was designed specifically for different sizes of networks; class A was intended for large networks which meant there were very few (126) networks available however these networks could support a large number of hosts (16,777,214). Class B addresses were intended for medium sized networks with fewer machines on them, 16, 384 networks, each able to support 65,534 hosts, to be specific. Class C was aimed at smaller networks which meant there could be a large number of networks available but these networks could support only a small number of hosts; 2,097,152 and 254, respectively. This address system worked well until the internet really started to take off. In the 1990s it was recognized that the demand for addresses on the internet was exploding and so experts came up with CIDR(classless inter domain routing) this allowed the allocation of addresses on a more flexible basis and the original three class system is now no longer in use.
Breakdown of address spaces:
  * Class A –first octet ranging between 1 – 126
  * Class B – first octet ranging between 128 -191
  * Class   -   first octet ranging between 192 – 223

  * RFC 1918 IP addresses conserves globally unique IP addresses by providing three blocks of addresses that are never allocated to any organization.
  * is a private class A network address with the host ID range of –
  *   uses class B addresses and allows for up to 16 class B networks. Addresses on this network range from –
  *   can provide up to 256 class C networks. IP addresses in this group range from –

Bogons are defined as martians(private and reserved addresses) that have...

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