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Andrea Hill Bus. 244 Assignment 5 IPv6 is the reported solution to the growing problem of IPv4. We are running out of IP addresses with IPv4. Having a larger address space will solve our problem of running out of addresses, but with any new solution there is also problems that arise. There are many obstacles that companies and the everyday consumer will have to overcome before there is a complete transition, which may take years. IPv6 has many strengths which include the larger addresses space and the ability to configure themselves automatically when connected to other IPv6 networks. There are many additional features that IPv6 has that IPv4 does not. They have the ability to reroute traffic more efficiently, have more devices and users on the internet. This is ideal for instant messaging and route processing. IPv6 avoids triangular rerouting, you could move an entire subnet to a new router connection without renumbering the IP address. IPv6 has found to have some security issues. There problems involve the router heading which lets the sender add any number of extra headers. The hacker can go anywhere they would like. Many of the present firewalls are not designed for IPv6 protection so they will need to be redone. Another weakness is the potential of privacy issue because of the ability to track a single devices internet activity. IPv6 is unable to work with IPv4 unless there is a special gateway translator available also. This will lead to companies not being able to get on sites that are IPv6 capable, unless they transform their IT area. Even though Microsoft has made there operating system from Vista 2007 to the present capable to accept the IPv6 transfer, the companies router may not accept IPv6. There will be many other physical obstacles that a company may face in this transition process, but it will have to take place within the

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