Ionic Reactions Essay

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Experiment: Ionic Reactions Derrick Davis Lab partner: None Location: My house Date Performed 19 Mar 15; 0800 CHE111-CO2 Abstract: The goal of this experiment was to work with Ionic substances. The purpose of this experiment was to study and apply the nature of ionic reactions, write balanced equations, and gain a detailed view of the results of the reactions. In this lab we were able to identify some of the characteristics of anions and cations. I was a able to successfully perform the flame test to identify cations as well as identifications of the anion reactions of an ionic compound. Experiment and Observation: Please note that this procedure was adapted from the “Anions, Cations, and Ionic Reactions” LabPaq Lab manual (Hands-On Labs Version 42-0304-82-00-01, 2015) Please reference this manual for further information on the lab experiments. The first experiment was to perform a qualitative anion test. This was done by observation of chemical reactions and recording the results in Data Table 1. Using the information from the reactions we were able to identify unknown substances and recorded the results in Data Table 1. Data Table 1: Anion Confirmation Tests Chemical | Anion | Addition of AgNO3 | Addition of HCl | NaBr | Bromide | Cloudy white thin solution | Clear with sedimentation | Na2CO3 | Carbonate | Clear with white sedimentation | Bubbles, sedimentation combined to one formation | NaCl | Chloride | Milky white, white sedimentation | No visible change | Nal | Iodide | Pale green cloudy, sedimentation | Sedimentation dispersed to smaller pieces, solution clears in color | Na2SO4 | Sulfate | No visible changes noted | Milky white | Na2S | Sulfide | Clear with amber sedimentation | No visible Change noted | Unknown #103 | CarbonateNa2CO3 | Cloudy white thin solution | Bubbles, Sedimentation combined to one
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