Invisible Hand Essay

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Invisible Hand Colten Humphrey Mr. Flores 1/24/13 Period 4 Adam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations talks about many things and prosperity through his book. He implies that when the production of an item is separated into many steps, and the laborers are specializing in one step, productivity increases greatly. Higher productivity increases the overall wealth of the nation. So in all ways of producing, it helps the nation if done right. In Adam’s opening statement, he can imply many things, the one quote that sticks out the most is when he says “…he intends only his own security…” this can mean a lot of things. Although he wants to jump in and help, he says he does not want to have part, he wants to only worry about himself, so he wants to help but he can’t help do to the fact of not wanting to take over. The overall message from Adam’s statement, means one should only be focused on his own being not anybody else’s, he intends to help with you mentally nothing physical. Adam Smith envisioned the universe as all man to be happy, stride for the happiness, and for all to be wealthy. The world is perfect because even though the poor is lower class and they don’t have anything, they are still happy for their well being. The way for Adam to have a thought of divine right is kind of absurd, yes believing in a god is great, but when it comes to rule and the lord telling you what to do; while controlling millions other people is just not correct in terms of speaking about a king. A king should be ruling the nation, not be ruled. Smith assumed that individuals try to maximize their own good while becoming wealthier, and by doing so, through trade and entrepreneurship, society as a whole is better off. That being said, any government interfering in the economy isn't needed because the invisible hand is the best guide for the economy. He also tries to imply that the
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