Invictus : an Example of Leadership Essay

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The movie « Invictus » is based on Nelson’s Mandela’s life after he became president of South Africa. He was the first dark skinned president of the country, elected in a representative democratic election. It is important to keep in mind that apartheid still existed when Mandela became president and that racial considerations still divided the South African population. The willingness that Nelson Mandela had to change that, and his believe that he had the ability to do that was the beginning of a new era for South Africa. In this report, I will analyze how and to what extend he demonstrated competencies of “taking charge”, “visioning”, “integrity”, as well as “communication and team building” through his actions. This report will also underline Mandela’s capacity to inspire and stimulate an entire population to achieve extraordinary goals. Finally, I will also focus a part of this report on analyzing François Pienaar as a leader. Mandela’s vision was based on two main points. First, he wanted to leave the past behind in order to only focus on the future. Then, he wanted to eliminate racial and social divisions in order to bring the country together and establish a unique and united South Africa. To achieve his vision, he strongly believed that each South African had to forget the past and only see a future without considerations of skin color or other differences. The success of this vision was intensely linked to the ability of Mandela’s to make people share it and work together around it. Nelson Mandela started this process to share his vision since the beginning of his mandate. In fact, the first day of his mandate, while he was going to his office, he realized that employees from the former government were spontaneously packing and leaving. He immediately decided to organize a meeting and to personally speak to his staff. For me, this meeting is really

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